13.1 anyone?

I don’t know what I was thinking. I hadn’t done a half marathon in umpteen years. “Oops!” as the saying now goes.

But thanks to my cooler than cool friend, Lorena Lama, I somehow finished the 13.1  half marathon in Fort Lauderdale Sunday. Also the support from friends on Facebook and Twitter was great! It’s like we had a virtual cheering section. Our phones were bonking and beeping the whole way so thanks to everyone.

Here’s some advice for those of you crazy enough to sign up for an event like this:

1)   Have good equipment. My sneakers somehow peeled apart piece by piece which didn’t help my mind or my tootsies. Yes, the places in this picture that once had color all peeled off or I ripped them off because they were dangling. I almost deep sixed them and tried to take it home in my socks.

 2)   Don’t bring cash with you. When the blistering began at mile four, it was almost too easy to hail a cab. Lorena didn’t know I almost did on four occasions.

 3)   Do train specifically for the race.  All the spin classes and stairmaster work in the world doesn’t prepare you for the repetitive movements that cause half dollar-sized blisters.

4)   Stay away from the sand! Somehow sand got in my running sneakers and that’s what caused the blisters.  Think about sand grinding around in your shoes for 3 hours. It felt as badly as it sounds.

Just like everything I’ve ever started in life, I’m a finisher. I made it with a little help from my friends.  So let’s have a little fun and go to the videotape on this.

If you have any questions, fire away and thanks again for your support.


16 thoughts on “13.1 anyone?

  1. Mike, I didn’t know you were training for this! Congrats to you and Lorena. I was busy fishing and leaving a piece of my heart in Islamorada LOL. Keep it up!

    1. Maria! I wasn’t training for this! my training regimen included signing up, but with Lorena’s help, I got through it. I have to catch up on your travels and adventures!


  2. I just finished my first 5K. I can’t imagine just picking up and running a half marathon. That’s incredible. Congrats!

    I agree wholeheartedly….support from your friends is critical. So when’s your next race?

    1. Hi Tracy, your timing of that question is really bad! But I’ll rethink the game plan in about a week. Whispers (perhaps the ING). I should have taken my cue from you and done a 5K. The support from everyone really helped. What’s your next event?


      1. My shins will probably disagree but I would like to try to beat my time in another 5K next month. I did the Holiday Festival of Lights. It was a lot of fun. Night race. Great holiday lights. Lots of fun!

    1. Rick, I think your 8,000 posts for southfloridadailyblog.blogspot.com is more impressive. Now all you have to do is retrace your steps. Thanks for your support during the race!


  3. Haha. That’s awesome. So you didn’t train at all? Even more awesome. The things you will do to make a point and/or for blog material. 🙂

    BTW, you pretty much wrote the marketing piece for the idea behind sandpaper.

    1. Thanks Rob. No training specific to doing a half marathon. Of note: they had beer at the finish line…Michelob Ultra. At that point I would say it’s the best beer I’ve had in quite a while!


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