Going out with Carlos Miller? Five useful tips

The following advice is not guaranteed although all facts were checked at press time. It serves as a beginners guide and your results may vary.

1) Be ready to be the story.

A recent outing to the Dolphins/Raiders football game found me driving, filming and being filmed and  photographed. We did a quick count and there were 6 filming and recording devices in the car. And he wasn’t even going out to get a story. I take it back. He’s always out to get a story.

 2) Know a phone number of someone responsible and monied by heart. Or at least have it handy.

When you get arrested, they take your phone from you. In these days of speed dial and Siri, no one knows any phone numbers anymore.  Unless you want a few free meals care of Miami-Dade County Corrections, know a number.

3) Be ready to be surprised.

When I picked him up to go to the game, he made us 15 minutes late. Why? Because he wanted to go get flowers for his mom as she was coming into town.  I thought it was sweet.  But as soon as he got in the car, the conversation quickly switched to how he was photographing a nude woman with farm animals at an Art Basel exhibit and was asked to leave.

4) Be ready to make friends. Be ready to make enemies.

I’ve seen both.  Once we went out with Jim Winters on the Jim Winters bus and we saw a hellacious hit and run car accident. Jim slammed on the brakes and Carlos flew out flip cam rolling right up into this gigantic guys face. The guy was the size of a half a house and threatened to give Carlos an enema with the camera. Carlos didn’t back down. He must be part hockey player because he’d lose teeth if it meant getting a story. To this day, I’m surprised I haven’t seen him spitting bloody Chiclets.

5) Don’t feel ignored. He is paying attention to you.

He has a lot going on and is always in the middle of something. His Photography is Not A Crime Blog gets hundreds of thousands of hits a month (sometimes over a half a million).  He’s a Senior Editor at Miami Beach 411. He’s an Editor at the South Florida Daily Blog. And he’s always starting something on Facebook, even if it’s just a debate on who has the best chicken wings. Here are a few other snapshots that pretty much capture who he is and what he’s like.

Have any other suggestions? I bet you do. Let’s hear them.


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14 Responses to “Going out with Carlos Miller? Five useful tips”

  1. Maria Says:

    It’s never a dull moment with Carlos!

  2. Alex de Carvalho Says:

    Excellent tips! Here’s a few more:

    – For guaranteed confusion, take him to a Metrorail station with the recording devices. No one really knows what the law is, and least of all the security guards.

    – You’ll always find him where the action is, from a rally at Versailles to a general assembly at Occupy Miami to an uber geekfest in Austin. He’ll even wade through waist-high flash floods on the beach to get the story.

    – A known hangout of his is Monty’s. He’s also been spotted at Jimmy’z, where he filmed a choice video 😉

    – Be warned: his lenses don’t require flash at night, so you’ll never know you’ve been shot. Luckily he takes great pictures.

    – There’s never a dull moment around Carlos. Bring up any controversy with him and you’ll be sure to get a good debate along with a bellyful of laughs.

    Good times and great memories. Thanks!

  3. latati Says:

    I should read this before!! jajajajaja!! H&K for both!

  4. Blanca Stella Mejia Says:

    So happy Carlitos brings his energy to Miami:)

  5. Janie Coffey (@JanieC) Says:

    5 things you might not know

    1) He leaves no man behind, he will always make sure his friends are taken care of and OK
    2) He’s a great dancer
    3) He’s a great parallel parker
    4) He’s a very dedicated journalist and will always put fun to the side until work is done
    5) He has a heat of gold beyond all the craziness

  6. jim Says:

    i usually call my lawyer and bondsman, leaving messages as to where we’re going and what we’ll be doing…

  7. Carlos Miller Says:

    I’m a Heineken Man. That’s been my beer for decades. But lately I’ve been cutting back on beer and calories, so I chose Corona Light that day.

    Considering it wasn’t even 11 a.m. yet, I figured a light imported beer would be preferable.

    I would have chosen Amstel Light but the store didn’t have it.

  8. Rob Says:

    Take and Drink Better Beers!

    • Mike LaMonica Says:

      Hi Rob-

      I speak for him from experience. He likes Heineken. Don’t know if that is up to your snuff, but that’s generally his first choice. Anything else, take it up directly with him…


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