Where were you 50 years ago today?

It was my first memory and I was just 3 years old.

But I remember it like it was yesterday and I can even remember the littlest of details. Right down to what kind of comforter I was wrapped in. I was in our apartment at 1560 Warburton Avenue in Yonkers, N.Y. watching “Wonderama” with Sonny Fox.


Then they cut into the show. I started crying. Thinking back, I can’t remember if I was crying because the president had been assassinated or because everyone else was crying. Odd thing is that I don’t remember where my parents were at the time. So it was just 3 year old me witnessing this whole thing all alone. I can even remember the floor plan of the apartment and exactly where I was. Sorry, I’m not such a great artist but this is a really close sketch for 50 years ago.


Like I said I can remember the comforter. It had a floral pattern with a tan background and it was a rather scratchy comforter. Probably a new one. I guess I remember that because I was holding it so tightly.

Where were you 50 years ago today?


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3 Responses to “Where were you 50 years ago today?”

  1. Susan Morris Says:

    Good sir, 50 years ago my parents hadn’t even met!! So the only thing I know about JFK and his death I learned from watching Oliver Stone’s movie and an episode of Seinfeld. Last week I saw a lot of aging boomers on TV answer this question. JSYK I LIKE YOUR ANSWER BEST! (P.S. I think you’re a pretty good artist, too!!)

  2. David Wojdyla Says:

    I was in first grade at St Francis of Assisi School, 932 North Kostner Avenue, Chicago, IL. It was the first time I saw nuns cry.

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