How fast are these athletes? Here’s some perspective.

A parody Bill Murray Twitter account had a great idea. Parody

In advance of tonight’s 200 butterfly final, I thought I’d give the non swimmer folks a little perspective on how fast the really fast people are.  Right now I have the best 200 meter butterfly time in the United States for 2015 in my age group. And I’m ranked #2 in the world. I train 6 days a week in the pool and try for 3 days a week in the gym. My diet is fairly tight and I shoot for 8 hours a night. Below are the standings.

Top in USA

So there I sit at 2:24.30. By comparison, Michael Phelps cruised last night’s semifinal in 1:54.12 and will likely be faster tonight. Simple math tells you he beat me by 30 seconds. Or more than a whole lap. Some will say I’m fast. But the fastest guys could be out of the water and finished with their post race interview as I grind out my last strokes.

No amount of cupping in the world can make up that difference.

*Update: The @BillMurray Twitter account referenced has been suspended. It was a funny  thread. Maybe another victim of cancel culture. Oh well.