What Was I Thinking? Thoughts On Hurricane Irma

For some reason, many people think of Hurricane Irma as Hurricane Andrew’s less significant step child.  A lot still went down with this storm. Anyway here’s some of what ran through my mind as Hurricane Irma unfolded.

Sleeping Under The Stars

I slept under the stars for the first time since approximately 1986. Or at least that’s the last time I can remember. Yes there are stars in the sky over Miami.  I just don’t take the time to look at them. When was the last time you slept under the stars?

Sleep under stars


Eating during a Hurricane is just out of control. Ask just about anyone. I think it fell into two categories: stress eating and bored eating.  Not a ton of cardio. Not a great combo. Anyway, please write me a note if you stayed on eating and workout regimen. I want to hang with you for the next one.Before irma.JPG

The First Looters: American Airlines

Seems like American Airlines wins the prize as the first looters of the hurricane. While JetBlue capped fares at 99 bucks out of the gate, American was asleep in the cockpit. Some flights were almost $4,000.00. When people are trying to evacuate to safety, grabbing Air Jordans from Foot Locker is low, but price gouging feels even lower. I take it back. They’re both low.

American Air

Link to the original Tweet exchanges can be found here.

American Airlines just plain dropped the ball the whole time for me too. They cancelled all 3 of my flights. Yet, even now,  they keep reminding me to check in for all the cancelled flights. Hey American, I’ll take my refunds too, thanks. When things looked bad, American looked worse.

Ron Magill — Weather Forecaster

nbc 6

While I thought Ryan Phillips and John Morales did a great job, only one person may have shined brighter: Ron Magill. Or should I say the animals around Zoo Miami may have shined brighter. All the “Doppler This” and “Radar That” might already be bested by what mother nature already has in place. The animals know what is going to happen.

A Football Helmet And Thoughts Of Complete Doom

Maybe it was the the way this hurricane was coming. Or the certainty of the severity and total destruction. So yes, I went and got Diego’s football helmet in case it all went down.

gulliverprephelmet-1.pngAlso I was thinking where would have to rebuild our lives. Like if I we had to pickup and rebuild even if it was only temporary. Not great thoughts to have.

My Employer

logo-smallOne of the true tests of any employer is how they handle emergencies. As this storm approached, all Miami staff were offered evacuation from Miami by private jet that was personally paid for by iSentium CEO Gautham Sastri. We were also offered any other means of getting away or staying safe and comfortable which included any temporary housing needed. Not one word was spoken about deadlines or deliverables.  My direct deposit will be there when it’s supposed to be. Nice to not have to worry when there is so much else to worry about.

I decided to stay behind and be a company guy. Maybe not the best decision I ever made in my life but I got lucky. So thanks for that iSentium and my CEO, Gautham Sastri. When things are at their worst, it’s good to see who’s at their best.

Hurricane Girlfriend?


It’s a romantic notion, but it’s too just too for that. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Texts, Communications, Digital Stuff During a Hurricane

The lost art of speaking on the telephone really showed off during this hurricane.

Texts were down, emails were down, apps were down. Somehow a lot of people think you got their text message and wondered why you didn’t respond. How about this? Pick. Up. The. Phone.

Penis Size


It seems like everyone who has a Jeep or truck with oversized tires thinks their penis grew 4 inches post storm and drives like a maniac.  I swear I thought someone was going to get killed by these amateur hero wannabees. Slow down! You are really going to hurt someone.

Odds And Ends

-Having a good generator is key. Get a Honda. It’s worth the money. It’s quiet so your neighbors won’t hate you and it lasts a long time on a tank.

-Portable Chargers


I think I was the only one of anyone I knew who had a portable charger let alone four of them. Not that my phone worked. Not that I could comment on Facebook. Not that I could post a picture. But I still had plenty of juice. I have a solar one as well.

-Advertisers should avoid making us sit through a video when what we really want to see is a critical update. Hey guys, my power is flickering and you’re trying to sell me a Swiffer? Really?

-No I don’t want to have a 15 minute meeting to demo your company when I am trying to figure all of this out. You have been blocked.

-JJ Watt rocks.

-Diego went to New York and got to hoop a bit with his cousins.




Much of this unfolded on this important anniversary. I even forgot it was the 11th of September until I read the date on an email in the early afternoon. I hope everyone takes the appropriate time to remember this tragic day in our history. I did not write about 9/11 this year, but I invite you to visit this post from years’ past: https://mikelamonica.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/where-we-you-on-911/

To Donate

My best thoughts are with everyone affected by Irma and Harvey. You can donate to The American Red Cross by clicking here.


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