Chad Le Clos visits Gulliver Prep on race day!!!

In an unprecedented move, South African Olympian Chad le Clos does some last minute fine tuning with the Gulliver Masters swim team in Pinecrest, Florida before tonight’s 100 meter butterfly finals.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as details emerge!


Happy House, Sad House

It all started out with so much promise.

In about 2004 construction began on this house at 4191 Ingraham Highway in Coconut Grove, FL. It was an odd shaped lot and I wondered how they would plant a house there. But sure enough it started to go up and took shape.  Then the most beautiful day of all came.  The builders put up a tastefully done custom sign that said, “FUTURE HOME OF THE JONES FAMILY” and I thought it was a nice and personalized touch.

For a while after the house was done, life seemed to bustle there. Kids bikes were in the driveway, there was a basketball hoop, many balls and many other signs of a happy family in their new home.  Then came the collapse.

I don’t know what the circumstances that got the house where it is today. Irresponsible lending, borrowing, loss of job, whatever.

This is one of many stories we have seen all over the nation. And no it’s not news. It still amazes me how so many things like this that started out so happy and ended so sad. For now.


Some like it hot

In my series of oft eccentric post, this one’s up there. I attempt to eat 20 of Wingstop’s hottest Atomic wings in less than 20 minutes.  And here we have it all edited on film for your viewing enjoyment.

While I have not yet received a call from the casting directors of Jackass 3D, this one might get me a slot on their speed dial. Please read the warning below before attempting any stunt like this.

And here’s the film:

What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever eaten? Do you like it hot?


Shot in Miami on location at Beber Silverstein & Partners.

Edited by Mitch Koch, ACE

What would you do with a loose billion?

Thanks to the new Forbes 400 list, we’ve got billionaire on the brain.

Congrats to the 26 Florida billionaires who made the cut.  Florida ranked fourth in billionaireitis and California was #1 with 83 billionaires. In Florida Micky Arison came in at #1. Maybe that’s why he always looks so tan and studly. With 26 billionaires and that kind of cash floating all around Florida, it’s amazing that the most expensive home on the market is just $60 million (pictured left).

So, how big a number is a billion? Fasten your seatbelt.

A billion is a thousand million. If you wanted to count to a billion, it would take 31 years, 251 days, 7 hours and 39 seconds (if you counted one per second). A billion seconds ago, it was 1958. A billion dollars is 266 small U-Haul boxes jammed end-to-end and floor to ceiling in crisp $100 dollar bills. So you think a billionaire has a “ton” of money?  Well, a ton of $100 bills is about only, $90,800,000. Chump change. Most commercial jets fly about 7 miles high.  If you took crisp, new $1,000 bills, it would soar 63 miles high.

So, what would a billion dollars buy if you wanted be change the world?  According to The World Land Trust website and a little of my bad math, a billion would get you 12. 3 million acres of rainforest.  And in time, a cure for “tons” of diseases and reduce carbon offsets and stuff like that. That’s what I would consider.

Pretend just for a second that you had a loose billion and wanted to change the world. What would you do with it? ~Mike