The new “Apply With LinkedIn” button

Attention all lazy job seekers: your dream is finally here.

With unemployment at around 14% in Florida, it might be really tempting to try to click your way to a job. Sure you may get lucky…just fill the countryside  with buckshot and hope that something falls from the sky. But I have always preferred rifle shot to buckshot, both when looking for work and when candidates are looking for work from me.

While I am not in HR, it seems like the greatest challenge facing job seekers today is to emerge from behind the firewall. To me this button could be just one more way to ensure you stay behind the firewall. Of course I am up for anything that helps people in their search to hire or be hired, but this button shows a prospective employer that:

– You are not uniquely interested in working with them.

– You are a button clicker and might be the same in your role.

– You are the same as all the other button clickers.

Finding employment is not like shopping on You don’t want to just add your career to cart, review your order and check out, do you? You are more important than that.

Even without the Apply With LinkedIn button, look how ferocious the competition is. A friend of mine, Ivan Mlandenovic, CEO of Preemo, is looking to hire. Here’s what he had to say in response to LinkedIn’s new feature via Facebook:

There is one great feature about the Apply With LinkedIn button. “Once you submit your job application, you are given the opportunity to message your contacts at the company and ask for a referral.” That could come in real handy.

LinkedIn is a great resource on both sides of the job equation. I just don’t think you can just single click your way to a career, do you?


How do you play comment roulette?

I thought I had it all figured out.

I read a great article by Ray Beckerman entitled Twitter etiquette for commenting on tweets & blog posts. And now I’m confused again. You can all blame Marc Kevin Hall.

A  little while back M.K. and I were talking about this www confusion of sorts face to face (yes that still happens). And he said something like “Feedback is always welcome, no matter the medium.” A quick Google of social networks will yield you over 150 active results of social media platforms. What to do?

Where do you leave comments on a blog post? On Facebook? Try to cram then in on Twitter? Do you leave your YouTube comments on YouTube? StumbleUpon it? digg it? Comment on Myspace (formerly MySpace)? Retweet a Vimeo link? Facebook a Technorati story? Shout it out on Foursquare where you’re reading it? Share it with your devoted Branchout empire? Toss it around on Tumblr? Was the pizza so good you bypass Yelp and use delicious? Are Weiner pictures too racy for your LinkedIn feed?

I thought Ray had it all straightened out.  So many platforms, so many choices. How do you play comment roulette these days?


Email turned off? Is it the new pink slip?

Got a somewhat disturbing email from LinkedIn the other day.  A full 35% of my connections have changed positions last year. It made me wonder.

Is the crew I run with full of climbers or full of people who found themselves unhappy? Were these changes voluntary or involuntary? Or did they find themselves in the wrong position at the wrong time only to land on their feet?

The good news according to Challenger Gray & Christmas is that job reductions are on the decline. “The downsizing phase of the recession really came to an end in 2009. Job cutting fell dramatically in the second half of that year. The pace of downsizing continued to slow in 2010 to levels we have not seen since before the 2001 recession,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas. And here’s a handy dandy chart from their report.

The DJIA closed today at 1 2 1/2 year high today which doesn’t suck for anyone. So with a broad-brush, this is looking good. But the 35% turnover still seems kind of high to me.  If you changed jobs last year, why? Voluntary, or involuntary? Was your email turned off or did you tell tell them to turn it off.  I understand if you want to post anonymously. Have at it.